How do we use your email address?

  • FotoTime constantly improves FotoAlbum and the FotoTime web site. We send e-mails announcing these improvements. You can easily opt-out of all marketing emails we send.
  • When you send your friends and family an invitation e-mail to view your pictures, they can reply to that e-mail with comments.
  • When your friends and family are viewing your pictures, they can easily send e-mail comments to you regarding your pictures.
  • When you ask for help using our support system, we use the e-mail address you provided to communicate with you.
  • FotoTime will never sell or release your e-mail address. FotoTime keeps your e-mail address safe from others and provides NO method for internet spammers to obtain your e-mail address. We also never sell, release nor use any email addresses entered into our invitation system.
  • If your guests purchase an item from our online store, we will never sell, release nor use their email address.