Synchronizing your iPod to FotoAlbum

Synchronize your photo library with iPod

FotoAlbum Pro is the only photo and video organization tool that allows you to organize your photos with ease, and sync your albums directly to the iPod. Unlike the competition, we don't require iTunes.

The steps are easy...

  • Import photos into FotoAlbum Pro

    The All Photos view will automatically show your photo collection, which by default is your "My Pictures" folder. If you have photos you want to import from cameras, memory cards, or scanners attached to your computer, click on the Devices button.

  • Organize your photos and create albums

    As you add photos to FotoAlbum Pro, they appear in All Photos, which is your entire photo collection. To better organize your photos, you can add albums to group together similar photos in any organizational structure that works best for you. While there is no limitation on album structure, most people create albums for events, family members, or vacations.

  • Configuring FotoAlbum for your iPod

    Click the Devices button to synchronize your photo library to your iPod. Your iPod should appear within the Removable Devices section of the Device. Right click on the iPod device within the device tree, and choose Properties from the popup menu. Ensure that the device type is set to IPOD (Color Screen) and that the Device is used to display images option is checked. Use the default values for the remaining options on the screen and click OK. This step is only required during the initial configuration and is not required each time you synchronize.

  • Synchronizing photos to your iPod

    Once you have imported photos into FotoAlbum and organized them into albums, you are ready to synchronize them to your iPod. Ensure that your iPod is attached to your computer, and click on the Devices button. Select your iPod from the Removable Devices section of the device tree, then click the Sync Device button from the toolbar above. FotoAlbum will then synchronize your photo library to your iPod. As you add photos to your photo collection, be sure to synchronize your iPod regularly so that you always have your most current photos on your iPod.