Proof your photos

Proof Photos

Proof and retouch your photos before the order is processed.

Proof and Retouch

With FotoStudio's proofing system you can proof and retouch your photos before the orders are processed, which will streamline and speed up your workflow. Upload your photos and then when an order is placed you will receive an email notifying you to "proof" the photos in the order. You can then crop the photo according to the ordered print size or retouch to give your customers an even more beautiful print.

Getting Started

First, setup the order delay time. This is the time your orders are delayed before they are automatically processed. For example, if you delay your orders for 2 hours, you will have 2 hours to make any changes before the orders are processed. To setup the order delay time, login to your account and click the "Reseller Options" link on the left. On the next page, click the "Edit Account" link. From the "Edit Account" page, click the "Order Options" tab and change the "Order Delay Time".

Order Workflow

Once a customer places an order, you will be sent an email with the order details. To proof the order, click the "Edit order details and send to lab" link. This will bring you to a page where you can see all the images in the order. From this page, you can change the cropping of your photos or replace the ordered photos with a different photo.

Change Croppping

To change the cropping on an order after it is placed, go to the "View Order" page and click on the "Ajdust Crop-Fit" link. Using the crop/fit dialog, you can then change the order from crop to fit. If you choose to make the photo "cropped", you can then adjust the portion of your image that will be cropped by re-sizing or dragging the crop box for the photo.

Replace Image

To replace an image on an order, first make sure the new image has been uploaded to your account. Once the image has been uploaded, go to the "View Order" page and click on the "Use a different image" link. Next, select the new image you want to use.

Once you have finished making changes to your order, click the "Mark Order as Verified" button to send the order to be processed.

Note: Your order will be automatically sent if it is not proofed within the order delay time.